Crafts With Mini Tin Buckets

Keep a collection of mini tin pails in your craft storage for convenience.
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Adorable miniature tin buckets can be decorative and practical supplies to keep on hand for craft projects. They are inexpensive, found widely in craft or home and garden stores, and come in assorted colors. They can be decorated easily by a variety of methods and are useful in many ways.

Decorating Tin Buckets

Acrylic craft paints or enamel paints are the best choices for miniature tin buckets. You can paint the entire pail, or just add a few decorative designs or stencils. Use hot glue to cover them with paper, fabric, ribbon, or add embellishments. Stickers are quick and convenient for sprucing them up. They are also well-suited for tin punching projects.

Party Decoration Crafts

Make fancy place settings for dinner parties. Paint each guest's name on a bucket, then fill it with some flowers. They are adorable holders for condiments, candy or other small items on a buffet table. Fill them with treats and distribute them as party favors.

Holiday and Gift Crafts

For Halloween, use mini tin buckets for trick-or-treat holders or as mini egg baskets for Easter. At Christmas time, decorate them and fill them with potpourri, then hang them from tree branches for fragrant country-style ornaments.

Home Decor Crafts

Use decorated tin pails as mini organizers. Line them up on the shelf of any room to hold paper clips, bolts and nuts, buttons or whatever little items you need sorted. Invert them and use them in the garden as plant markers, or convert them to wind chimes by drilling holes in the bottom of several and suspending them upside-down from twine tied to a wood branch.