Crafts With Dollar Bills

Use dollar bills to make a variety of crafts for yourself, family or friends. Images

Turn a plain dollar bill into a work of art with a variety of craft ideas. Dollar bills lend themselves to several craft projects. Make the crafts for yourself or give the crafts away as gifts. Dollar bill crafts also make an interesting way to give money as a gift for birthdays, graduations or weddings. With a few dollar bills and some craft ideas, you have all you need to get started.


Make a money rose using five different bills. Lay the bills in a star shape and wrap a piece of floral wire around the center of all the bills. Pull the wire tight and cup the dollar bills to resemble a rose. Pull a fake rose off a stem and attach the dollar bills to the stem using the floral wire. Roll the tips of the dollar bills down to form the petals. Make several of these to make a money bouquet to give away as a gift. Place the dollar roses in a vase and tie a large ribbon around the vase for added decoration.


Create a butterfly by folding both sides of a dollar bill to the middle. Fold all four corners to the center and place a small piece of tape on the corners to hold them down. Tie a chenille stem around the middle of the dollar bill and leave the two end pieces sticking up to resemble the butterfly’s antennas. Make an easy snake by simply rolling the dollar bill diagonally as tight as possible. Bend creases in the dollar bills to make it wavy. Add a variety of animal dollar bill crafts to a child’s birthday card as a creative way to give him money.

Bow Tie

Use dollar bills to create clothing items, such as a bow tie or a shirt. Make an easy bow tie by placing the dollar bill face down. Fold the top and bottom half of the bill to the center lengthwise. Pinch the middle together and tie with a small piece of fishing line.

Other Crafts

For a Valentine’s gift, fold dollar bills lengthwise three times to make narrow strips. Shape the dollar bills into a heart or letters. For example, make the letters “I” and “U.” Place the letters and hearts on a table to read “I love you.” For another craft idea, gather a dollar bill on the side like an accordion to make a long, skinny fan or on the bottom to create a short fan.