Crafts to Make With Feathers

feather image by Kateryna Shamanovska from

Feathers are a great medium to do crafts with. You find them in all kinds of shapes, colors and patterns, from plain white goose feathers to the more exotic colored parrot and peacock feathers. Feathers are readily available at craft shops, and also come dyed in pink, purple or any color you can think of. Feathers glue to surfaces easily, and the thin shaft allows beads to be stringed onto it. Feathers can be incorporated as decorative elements in many craft projects.

Dream Catchers

Feathers are one of the main features of a dream catcher. The Ojibway people designed this mysterious charm. They would tie sinew strands in a web around a small frame and hang it as a charm to protect sleeping children from nightmares. Legend has it that bad dreams will get caught in the web. Make yourself one with a ring, some string, imitation sinew, beads and feathers. Have a look at the Craftbits website for a step-by-step guide on how to make a dream catcher.

Sun Catchers

Feathers combine well with beads, pieces of mirror or even old CDs in a sun catcher. String feathers between the beads and mirror pieces. Hang your sun catcher in the window and watch how it sways in the wind to “catch” some sun. The reflections will brighten up your room. You can also combine your sun catcher with chimes to add some sound to this piece of décor.

Mask with Feathers

Create your own mask for Mardi Grass or any other masquerade. Cut the mask shape from cardboard and decorate with sparkles and feathers. Glue feathers over the sides of the mask next to the eyes, to give it a soft edge and sophisticated look.


Use a long feather, like that of a peacock or cockatiel to create a graceful bookmark. Apply some glue to the feather shaft and string a pattern of colored beads to it. This craft is quick to make, and a lovely gift for any bookworm friend.

Bead and Feather Purse

Sew feathers to a purse or handbag to give it a soft surface. Add beads for extra decoration. Opt for feathers of the same kind to keep the design simple. HGTV published a step-by-step guide on how to create a bead and feather purse.