Crafts Made Out of Recycled Beer & Soda Cans

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You can use crushed beer and pop cans to make crafts for children and art for adults. These crafts are simple and only use acrylic paints, a white primer paint, some construction paper, canvases if you are making art and some ribbon or string to hang ornaments with. You can make flowers, fish and Christmas ornaments with crushed cans.


Use your crushed can as the flower's center. Paint it with a white primer and then paint it with acrylics to look like the flower you want it to be. A brown center with black dots (for seeds) would make a great sunflower. Cut out petals from construction paper and glue all the pieces to a canvas. Paint on or draw on the stem and leaves.


Once again paint the crushed can with the white primer paint. For a fancy goldfish you can paint the can orange, then add on yellow painted scales. For its fins just cut out some orange construction paper and glue them to the back. Make a whole aquarium scene by gluing your fish to a blue painted canvas and add bubbles and other fish.


For ornaments you just need a nail to hammer a hole in the top to put your string, ribbon or cord though for hanging. Use your fish for ornaments or make a bird. For the bird's wings you can glue on feathers from a craft store after you have painted the can. Use three different sized cans to make a fancy snowman ornament to hang on the wall. Just glue the three crushed cans together, top to bottom, paint with white primer and add a black mouth and top hat and an orange carrot nose with construction paper.


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