Craft Ideas With Peacock Feathers

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Peacocks are well-known for their beautifully colored and detailed feathers. Peacock feathers are commonly used in lavish costumes and crafts. With them, you can create both simple crafts, like bookmarks, or complicated crafts such as intricately arranged centerpieces. You should choose a craft that suits your preference, age and skill level.

Feather Wreath

Stick peacock feathers into a straw wreath. Cut the feathers short for a clean and tight wreath, or leave them long and allow them to fan out in a circular overhang all the way around the wreath. If you cut the feathers short, shave some of them off with a utility knife to allow for a pointed end that can be inserted into the straw base. Add small trinkets if you like, but the feathers alone will give your eyes plenty to focus on.


Place peacock feathers in a foam centerpiece base and add other items to create an arrangement. Choose flowers, other feathers or any decorative item you like. Leave the feathers and flowers in their natural colors, or create the look of an item cast in bronze by painting them with bronze spray paint.


Place the quill end of a feather onto a strip of paper and glue it in place. Cover the exposed side of the feather with another piece of paper, and use clear tape to keep them together around the quill. Decorate the paper end bookmark any way you like with markers or pens. Spray hairspray onto the feathered end of your bookmark and sprinkle glitter over the sprayed area to make the bookmark sparkle.

Peacock Lamp

Add interest to an ordinary paper lamp shade. Use hot glue to affix peacock feathers to the inside of the lampshade so that the feather ends stick out from under the shade. Place them pointing up, down or both.