Craft Ideas Using Felt

Oppenheim Bernhard/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Felt crafts are easy to make with little material or experience required. This durable material does not require hemming, and it is readily available at craft and fabric stores, usually at a low price. Save money on crafting kits for kids, holiday decorations, and accessory gifts for yourself or friends with these easy-to-make craft ideas using felt. While the Web offers a variety of design ideas and templates, you can create your own designs as well.

Felt Children's Crafts

Create a felt finger puppet to entertain your kids. Trace the puppet shape onto onto two pieces of felt. Cut out the felt and sew the pieces together, leaving an opening at the bottom for your finger. Glue or sew on any additional pieces to embellish your puppet. For example, if you're making a snow man, add two beads for the eyes, or a small felt triangle for the nose.

Children may also enjoy creating a felt magnet. Self-adhesive magnetic strips added to the back of a decorated piece of felt make for a simple, quick craft kids can participate in.

Felt Seasonal Crafts

Felt fall leaves can be created by cutting out leaf shapes using dark reds, browns and oranges. Bead embellishments give the leaves extra sparkle. Use orange felt and a pattern to create Halloween pumpkin.

Felt can be used to create a stuffed ornament to hang off the Christmas tree. Use a pattern and cut out two identical felt shapes. Using thread and a sewing needle, sew your pieces together. Leave a hole for filling. Once you have stuffed the ornament with cotton or fiber fill, sew it closed, adding a yarn loop to hang your ornament.

For your anniversary or Valentine's day, create a needle felted heart applique with some red wool and a heart-shaped cookie cutter for the pattern. Placing the wool inside the cookie cutter and jabbing the wool with a felting needle will mat the fibers and create a felted shape.

Felt Accessory Crafts

Make a felt ice cream cone pin to wear during the warmer months. Cut a circle out of brown felt and fold it into a cylindrical shape, sewing the edges closed. Stuff three different colored felt circles for the scoops of ice cream and sew them into the cone. Glue pin backing to your felt creation.

Make a felt glasses case using a glasses template and tracing it onto a piece of felt, matching cotton lining, and fusible web. Use an iron to fuse the pieces together, creating the inside of the case. Separate felt colors can be used to cut out a design of your choice, such as flowers or hearts. Sew your shapes onto the side of your case and stitch together.

A clutch or cosmetic bag can be crafted using just one piece of felt and folding it into thirds as you would a letter. Sew the edges closed, leaving one flap free. Add a button or magnet closure, and the clutch is complete.