Craft Ideas for Wooden Crosses

Wooden crosses can be wonderful additions to any craft project. For many, the cross is a powerful religious symbol, and creating crafts utilizing crosses can be seen as a spiritual discipline or way of sharing the message of God's love. Crafts using wooden crosses can be wonderful decorations for your home or gifts to those you care about.

Painted Crosses

Many craft stores sell unfinished wooden crosses. Purchase crosses in varying sizes and styles. Use paints intended for use on wood to portray important messages. You might choose to paint a crucifix or to use colors that have symbolic meaning in your life. Perhaps painting flowers or animals on your cross will convey a message that is important to you. Once you have painted your cross, be sure to use a spray or paint-on sealer to prevent the paint from washing off if it gets wet.

Popsicle Stick Crosses

You can use wooden Popsicle stick crosses to create meaningful craft projects. take two Popsicle sticks and use yarn to fasten them together. Try weaving different colored yarn around the Popsicle sticks to create colorful crosses. A hot glue gun can fasten a hook to the top of the cross, making it perfect for hanging on the wall.

Cross Jewelry

You can use painted crosses to create necklaces and earrings if they are the right size. Simply use a hot glue gun to fasten eyes to the crosses so that they can be put onto a chain or so that you can fasten earring hooks to them. Wooden cross jewelry is a great idea for Christmas or birthday gifts for friends and family members.

Cross Mobile

Painted wooden crosses can have eyes fastened to them so that they can be strung to a coat hanger or wooden ring, creating a mobile. Try fastening wooden crosses with different lengths of string to your wooden ring so that they hang at different levels. Your wooden cross mobile can be hung outside your door like wind chimes or placed in a prominent part of your home for display.