Craft Ideas for Children Aged 5 to 10

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Crafts for kids ages 5 to 10 can be more interesting than those done during preschool years due to chidlren's increasing motor skills and coordination. Providing opportunities for children to be artistic strengthens their confidence and self-esteem at a time when kids begin to be more aware of their skills and abilities. Having new and creative craft ideas on hand and giving children aged 5 to 10 praise over their work strengthens physical abilities and emotional well-being.

Beanbag Balloon Balls

Making these bean balloon balls is almost as fun as playing with them afterward. These are not your normal beanbags as they are made with balloons. No sewing is required and it takes about 45 minutes to an hour to complete the project. Items needed for the craft are three balloons that are 11 inches in diameter, a funnel, 3/4 cup of dried beans and scissors. Blow a balloon up halfway and hold the opening closed for about half a minute to stretch the balloon out. Allow the air to leave as you place the funnel into the balloon opening. Push the beans into the balloon down the funnel. Cut off the top most part of the neck of the balloon. No need to tie the balloon, the beans will not spill out as the balloon will close up around them. Cut off the neck of the last two balloons. Slide the balloons over the one filled with beans.

Bleached T-shirt

Between the ages of 5 and 10, children enter the "schematic" and "realism" stages of art, drawing more and more details, according to the Children's Self Esteem website. Drawing a design on a T-shirt is an easy way to encourage kids to draw and is permanent with bleach pens. Warning: this craft should be done with adult supervision and in old clothes so it won't matter if the child gets bleach on them. Work in an area outdoors or with windows and proper ventilation, as bleach's strong odor can cause sickness. Items needed are a solid color T-shirt, a large piece of cardboard, chalk, paper towels and a bleach pen. Slide the cardboard into the T-shirt. Use the chalk to draw the picture. With adult supervision, draw over the chalk with the bleach pen. Watch as the color changes and bleaches out where you drew on the shirt. This could take up to two hours.

Puppet Theater

Children ages 5 to 10 enjoy pretending, and making a puppet theater is a great way to foster imagination and encourage group play. This cute puppet theater is the perfect size for handheld stick or finger puppets. Items needed are a large cereal box, craft paint, construction paper or fabric, glue, scissors and a pencil. Cut the lids off the top of the cereal carton. Paint or cover the box with construction paper. Cut a rectangle hole in the front of the cereal box for the stage. Cut small curtains from the fabric and glue them on the top of the rectangle. Make backdrops of different colored construction paper for each scene.

Stick Puppets

Handheld stick puppets are fun to use in a small puppet theater. You can make animals, insects, fish, people and other objects for a puppet show out of disposable foam trays. Items needed are foam trays from food cartons, scissors, straw or popsicle sticks, pens, ink markers, tape, googly eyes, construction paper and yarn. If you were going to make a cat puppet you would draw the head of a cat on the disposable tray. Cut out the cats' head. Use the markers to color a mouth and nose. Glue yarn on for the whiskers, and googly eyes for the eyes. Glue the cats' head onto a straw or popsicle stick.


This cool clipboard is fun to make and helps kids ages 5 to 10 stay organized at home or school. The boards also make great gifts for teachers. Items needed are a wooden clipboard, masking tape, blackboard paint, stickers, glitter, glue, hot glue gun, a piece of string or ribbon, pen and a small notepad. Warning: this project requires the use of a hot glue gun and should be done with an adult's help. Paint the clipboard with the blackboard paint and let it dry. With the help of an adult, use the glue gun to glue the notepad near the bottom of the clipboard. Tie the ribbon around a pen and glue it to the top of the clipboard. Decorate the clipboard with stickers or whatever you want.