Costume Ideas for Trios

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Three is a lucky number in many cultures and often a magical number in fairy tales. Make your next costume party magical too by adding two friends and some creativity to your costume. Take your inspiration from films, history, literature and television, and you'll be sure to draw laughs and shouts of recognition.

Science Fiction

Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock and Doctor McCoy come from the classic television show, Star Trek. To put together a basic costume set for this trio, you would need to create a golden Star Trek uniform shirt, two blue Star Trek uniform shirts and a pair of Vulcan ears. You can add a phaser or three and some low-heeled 1960s-style boots to make this a standout costume.

For Malcolm, Zoe and Wash from the TV show Firefly and film Serenity, Malcolm and Zoe should wear long brown coats over cowboy shirts and dark colored pants; Wash should wear a Hawaiian shirt and carry a couple of toy dinosaurs around.

Luke, Leia and Han Solo from Star Wars make up another celestial trio. Luke should wear an all-white outfit and carry a toy light saber. To be Leia, style your hair into two buns on the sides and wear a white turtleneck dress. For Han Solo, wear a white billowy shirt, a black vest and blue pants, and carry a toy ray gun in a holster.

Fairy Tales and Nursery Rhymes

The classic folk tale Three Billy Goats Gruff is about three goats who are brothers, each one larger than the last. They cross a bridge with a troll underneath. To put together costumes for this set of brothers, you can get fairly inexpensive winter hats with a goat face and horns and then add faux fur to some leggings and a vest. To kick the costume up a notch, create a cardboard bridge with a hole in the middle of it and suspender straps attached to it for one of the goats to wear the bridge. Add a classic Troll doll from the '90s hanging on a string from the bridge as a finishing touch.

To dress up like the three bears from the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, wear bear hats or just bear ears and brown clothes. Baby bear can carry around a pacifier.

The three blind mice can wear mouse ears and sunglasses and carry white canes. Since their tails have been cut off with a carving knife, you will not need tails. You can put bandages on your backsides if you would like to, though.

Cartoons and Comic Books

Batman and Robin are a famous duo, but adding Batgirl makes them a trio and is a perfect costume for two guys and a girl. Superhero costumes can be as simple or as elaborate as you want to make them. You can buy masks or use homemade ones. Batgirl and Batman have similar masks. Robin just wears a mask over his eyes similar to the Lone Ranger's. Robin needs a red shirt with an R, green shorts and a yellow cape to complete his costume. Add some dark clothes and a cape and a mask with pointy ears and you've got a simple Batman outfit. Batgirl can have a purple, black or blue cape, as long as she's wearing a bat mask.

The Tick wears a blue outfit and a tick mask. His partner, Arthur, wears a white outfit with moth wings and a white mask. American Maid wears a red, white and blue maid uniform and a blue maid hat with a white star on it.

To be Alvin and the Chipmunks, Alvin should wear a red turtleneck or sweatshirt with a capital A on the front. To be Theodore, wear a green turtleneck or sweatshirt. To be Simon, wear a blue turtleneck or sweatshirt and round spectacles.

1980s Movies

If you're feeling comical and want to be Lucky Day, Dusty Bottoms and Ned Nederlander from the Three Amigos, wear mariachi costumes, black pants, black jackets, white shirts, red cummerbunds and large hats.

Ghostbusters is a classic '80s movie. Ray, Egon and Peter costumes include drab, gray coveralls with the Ghostbusters logo on the arm and square packs strapped to your backs. The square pack can be made out of cardboard or you can decorate an olive green backpack to look like a proton pack. Attach an old vacuum cleaner hose with a tapered nozzle to the backpack for a basic version of a proton pack.

In Weird Science, two teenage boys create a woman on a computer, and she comes to life. To dress up like Gary and Wyatt, wear bras on your head as hats, pastel T-shirts and shorts. Lisa's costume is an '80s cut-off midriff sweatshirt and a pair of bikini panties. She also needs a long, curly dark-haired wig.