Costume Ideas for a Las Vegas Party

Las Vegas is known for partying.
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There's no better place to party than Las Vegas, and if you plan on wearing a costume, there are plenty to choose from. Whether the party is in a club, a casino, a hotel or a house, creative costumes always make a party more exciting, and a party in Las Vegas brings the excitement up a notch.


The image and impersonators of Elvis are seen all over Las Vegas, which is understandable after all the shows he performed in the city. An Elvis costume is one that will always be recognized. A wig with some long sideburns, a sparkly jumpsuit with bell bottoms and a guitar is all you need for anyone to know you're Elvis for the night, and every Las Vegas party needs an Elvis.

Queen of Hearts

Playing cards are used in many of the games played in Las Vegas. Everyone would recognize your costume theme if you're dressed as the Queen of Hearts playing card. This costume could be made at home if you have enough artistic skills to copy a playing card picture onto two large pieces of cardboard and attach them at the shoulders. Otherwise, you can purchase this costume online, and it comes with a jumpsuit to wear underneath.

Cirque Du Soleil

Cirque Du Soleil has been a very popular show and attraction in Las Vegas since 1992. With its various performances and elaborate costumes, you're sure to stand out if you wear a Cirque Du Soleil costume. There is a variety of costumes from different shows available for purchase, and some of the characters include a clown, a fairy, or a phantom. Similar masks to the ones worn in the show are also available separately.


The showgirls are a fixture on the Las Vegas strip. Typically wearing skimpy, sparkly leotards with fishnet tights, high heels and an elaborate type of headpiece. This costume could be put together at home by adding some crystals or sequins to a leotard, some black or tan fishnet tights, and high heels. You could add a feather boa and put together your own headpiece with cardboard, a plastic tiara and some feathers, or purchase a more professional looking one at a costume shop.