How to Get in Contact With Antique Dealers in My Area

Anybody with a serious interest in antiques should know at least one antique dealer. An antique dealer comes in handy whether you want to buy, sell or simply get information on antique items you already own. Antique enthusiasts have a number of options when it comes to contacting dealers. It may be best to use a combination of methods, as directories can help you find contacts, but talking to other people with antique dealer experience can give you insight that you may not be able to find online.

Search in the “Antiques” section of your local yellow pages. If professional antique dealers are in your area, they will likely be listed. If dealers are not listed, you can also call antique stores and ask them for help.

Search for antique dealers on the Internet. Open your favorite web browser and search for “antique dealers” followed by your zip code. Click on any results that fit your criteria and search the pages for contact information. Addresses and phone numbers can often be found at the bottom of websites. There are also several sites that specialize in antique dealer directories.

Visit local thrift stores and flea markets. If either of these places sell high-end, expensive antiques, they may have leads to antique dealers or at least have information on the reliability of some.