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Construction Paper Crafts for Teens

Construction paper is one of the most basic, cheapest and most versatile craft products. It is used in craft projects by people of any age, but there are particular paper crafts that appeal to teenagers. They can use construction paper to make artwork and other accessories for their bedrooms, which enables teens to use their personal creativity to decorate their rooms in an inexpensive and impermanent way.

Art Work

Teenagers tend to enjoy decorating their own personal space, and there are many craft projects they can do to create personal, homemade artwork for their bedroom walls from construction paper. The wide variety of colors of construction paper means teens can choose paper to match their room's color palette or their favorite colors. "Sun prints" are easy to make and can be framed and/or arranged on walls as art. Just place a piece of construction paper in direct sunlight and place objects on the paper. Leave the objects without moving them for at least an hour and the sun will fade the paper around them, leaving a darker silhouette image of the objects behind. Teens who play an instrument or a sport can place objects representing their hobby on the paper, like a flute or violin and bow, the end of a hockey stick or part of a tennis racket. They could cut out letters to spell out words or phrases that are meaningful to them, like song lyrics or a line from a favorite book, or spell out words with a length of string.


An interesting decoration idea for teens to make is a mobile or garland of origami shapes made from construction paper to hang from the ceiling. Although often associated with babies, mobiles can be whimsical room accessories and can represent images that are meaningful to a teenager. They can even be sophisticated if the teen makes several of the same origami shape in a monotone color palette and paints the dowels to match. A mobile or garland of classic origami cranes all made in pale-colored construction paper makes a simple and modern-looking decoration. Alternatively, one or several small origami shapes could be taped or glued to another flat piece of construction paper and mounted in a box frame on a bedroom wall.

Paper Crafts

Another craft that teens can do with construction paper is paper weaving. They need to cut construction paper in their choice of colors into strips and weave the strips together in an over-under checkerboard fashion. They can use the woven piece to cover school books or use it as a place mat. Teens can make their own stationery holder set by collecting a few empty cardboard toilet roll and paper towel holders, which can be trimmed to various sizes for holding pens, rulers and smaller stationery items. Snip little tabs at the bottom of each roll and glue them down onto a thick piece of card stock. Teens can decorate the stationery holder any way they like by gluing construction paper over the outsides of the rolls and over the base. They can cover it with one color of construction paper, or cut strips or shapes of different colored sheets and glue them in an overlapping fashion over the surfaces. Finish with a layer of clear glue to seal the edges.

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