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Comcast Cancellation Terms

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Comcast offers a number of services, including cable, Web and phone, for both residential and business customers. Cancellation can be a result of fulfillment of the contract, on the part of Comcast or on the part of the customer. Whatever the reason for cancellation, Comcast requires certain actions be taken once the separation of services process begins.

Cancellation by Comcast

Comcast can cancel the service of any subscriber through email or over the phone without prior notice. These services can be cancelled for many reasons, including if it is determined that your use of the service does not conform to the terms of the agreement. Or if it hinders the ability of Comcast to provide service to you or other individuals; it is believed that your service will violate laws, regulations, or instructions of use; or that your use of service violates the health or safety of a third party. Your services can also be cancelled for outstanding balances that are not paid by the billing due date. Comcast Business Class customers may have their services disconnected if they do not make a payment within 10 days of default notice or do not pay the required deposit for service.

Cancellation by Subscriber

Comcast residential cable customers who are not under contract for a specific amount of time can cancel service at any time by notifying the company. Notification can be made over the phone to customer service, by email through the Comcast website, or by written letter to the local Comcast business office. Comcast Business Class customers must supply a 60-day notice prior to their intended termination date.

End of Contract

Customers under contract with Comcast are free to cancel their service at no additional charge once the contract is complete. If you cancel your contract prior to the end of your contract, you will be assessed early termination fees. These fees will vary based on the length of time remaining on your contract and the terms of agreement set by the contract.

Equipment, Payment and Deposits

Residential users must return all equipment within 10 days of canceling service. All prepaid services will be refunded after your equipment is received by the Comcast offices. Any outstanding balances will be deducted from any prepayments prior to a refund being issued. If there are any outstanding balances, they will be billed in a final billing. Unreturned equipment may be charged the retail price for new equipment and will appear on the final bill.

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