Coconut Crafts for Kids

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To teach kids about coconuts or to simply entertain them with a novel activity, you can incorporate coconuts into craft time. If you use actual coconuts in your crafts, the kids will have a good time eating the meat inside and drinking the milk, as well as learning how to open coconuts.

Paper Coconut Trees

Use construction paper to create paper coconut trees with the kids. You can make the trees big or small, and of course put coconuts at the top. Help the kids design the tree by tracing the shapes of the different parts of the tree on construction paper before cutting them out. Assemble the tree on another piece of construction paper, the wall or a door. Drive nails into the wall or door at the top of the tree, then hang coconut halves on the nails to complete the project. This decoration helps give a room a summer look or compliments a pirate or island party.

Bird Feeders

After you have eaten the inside of a coconut, use the shell to feed the birds outside. Drill three holes on the rim of the coconut half, then either thread twine through the holes or screw in metal hooks. If you use metal hooks, you can attach them to chains hanging from a portion of your porch or other area outside. Make sure to fill the feeder up with seeds or other foods the birds in your area will enjoy. Stay a fair distance away from the feeder with the kids and watch the different types of birds who show up to enjoy the feast you prepared. Help the kids identify the different types of birds.

Coconut Eggs

Add an island flair to your Easter celebrations or just create a unique decoration with coconuts. In order to make coconut eggs, you will first need to cut the coconut open and scrape out the meat inside. Use heavy-duty sandpaper to remove the rough exterior, then finer sandpaper to make it smooth like an egg shell. Use paints, glitter, beads and other materials to decorate the egg with geometrical shapes. Once you are done decorating the outside, glue the coconut back together. Display the kids&rsquo; creations on stands made for curved objects.


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