Christmas Contest Decorating Ideas

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Christmas decorating contests boost office morale and add fun to a school classroom during the holiday season. Look around for things that are readily available and need just a bit of embellishment to make them Christmas decorations.

Santa Door for Office Door Contest

Wrap your office door with Christmas wrapping paper. Cut a Santa suit in half. Staple the front half of the suit onto the door. Stuff the suit with tissue paper. Use a picture or plastic life-like mask for Santa's face. Add cotton balls for the beard, eyebrows, mustache and wisps of Santa’s hair. Use all-purpose glue to attach cotton.

Embellish Santa with a stylish belt, gloves, gifts and other items..

If you cannot staple things to your door, create the Santa on a large piece of cardboard and use over the door hangers to attach your Santa to the front of your door.

Tool Tree for a Christmas Tree Decorating Contest

For a Christmas tree decorating contest make the theme old tools. The older hand-held tools that are made of metal and wood work best for this theme. Use red ribbon and wrap a bow around each tool and connect an ornament hanger to the back of the ribbon.

Old screwdrivers, wood shavers, hammers, garden spades, small saws and any other wooden handled tool you can find will make this tree a one of a kind.

For the strings of garland take red ribbon and thread it through old nuts and washers. String one every inch or two and knot the ribbon on either side of the hardware to keep it in place.

String red Christmas tree lights around the tree and use a small old spouted oil can with the bottom punched out to fit over the top of the tree instead of a star.

Office Desk Christmas Decorating Contest

String Christmas lights by attaching the lights along the sides and back of the top of your desk using small strips of electrical tape to hold them in place.

Cut strips of tinseled garland so when taped to the side of the top of your desk, they hang about an inch above the floor. Attach the garland with small strips of electrical tape all around the sides and the back of your desk so it looks like a hula skirt.

Place a couple of fish bowls on top of your desk that are filled with the metallic-colored Christmas ornaments. This will finish off the look and give you a Christmas desk worth first prize.