Christian Bulletin Board Ideas for Easter

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Seasonally decorated bulletin boards make your classroom look inviting and kid-friendly. An Easter bulletin board could serve as a visual tool to teach your students about the holiday. Create opportunities for your students to help decorate your Easter bulletin board. They will gain a deeper understanding of the Easter theme when they help create the bulletin board.

Palm Branch Celebration

Create the scene of Jesus riding on a donkey into Jerusalem. If you are an artist you could make this scene with hand-drawn pictures. Store-bought posters or pictures work well too. Include pictures of people waving palm branches in celebration. For the title spell: “Hosanna! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!” Give each child the supplies needed to create his own palm branch. Then invite the children to hang their branches on the bulletin board. This could be their scripture memory verse. Read the full Palm Sunday Bible story in John 12:12-19.

Take Up Your Cross

Create the scene of Jesus’ cross and the two sinners’ crosses on the sides. For the title spell: “Take up your cross and follow me.” If you are artistic, this would be a quick scene to create with paint or markers. Pictures, posters or brown butcher paper cut into the shape of the cross will work for this project too. Offset the rough look of the crosses by adding grass and a sunset in the background. Give each child a cross to decorate and display on the bulletin board.

The Easter Egg Story

To make a cheerful Easter egg hunt scene use pastel or white butcher paper for the background and create grass at the bottom of the bulletin board using green butcher paper. Give each child an Easter egg printout to decorate using the supplies of your choice. Add their eggs to the board. Also hang 12 tiny baskets at the bottom of the board using thumb tacks. In each basket place a different color Easter egg. Read the Easter Egg Story to the students. Fill each plastic egg with one of the items listed in the story. Let the kids take turns opening the eggs and reciting the part of the story that the item symbolizes. This interactive bulletin board will encourage your students to remember Jesus’ story from Palm Sunday to the day he left the tomb.