Card Making Ideas

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Learning how to make your own cards does more than save you some money; it turns every card into a customized treasure with a personal touch. Regardless of if you’ve never completed crafts before or if you’re a craft champion, any interested person can get creative with cards. While every card project will require at least one sheet of nice paper, there are many projects you can do that go far beyond basic paper concepts.

Cheerful Flower Card

Use cardstock, plastic buttons and patterned paper to create a cheerful design ideal for an invitation or greeting card. Start with 6-by-12-inch piece of light green paper and fold it in half to create a 6-by-6-inch card. Gather together any patterned fabrics, scrap paper, wallpaper samples or wrapping paper you have on hand. Cut enough 2-inch petal shapes from the patterned “stuff” to create a large flower on the card. Glue the petals to the card and glue a large yellow button in their center.

Loving Candy Card

Including candy in your Christmas card is a surefire way to make your creations popular. Create a 6-by-6-inch card from any sturdy red paper. Lightly coat the outside of the card with green glitter spray and let dry. Glue two miniature candy canes to the front of the card, positioned with the hooks facing each other to create a heart shape. Leave the card to dry, or make it a little fancier by gluing a white bow in the middle of the heart shape. You can also embellish the edges of the card with ribbon, lace or stenciling to add extra detail.

Gift Bow Cards

Use a simple style to create a greeting card for any occasion. Create a 5-by-5-inch card from dark purple paper and paste a slightly smaller piece of cream paper inside to serve as a writing area; a 4 1/2-by-4 1/2-inch piece of cream paper should suffice. Cut another 4 1/2-by-4 1/2-inch piece of cream paper to decorate the front of the card. Wrap a fancy purple ribbon around the square of cream paper like you would a square gift box, tying the ribbon in a bow at the front. Glue the decorated paper, bow side out, to the front of the card.

Fuzzy Felt Card

Combine felt and paper to create a fuzzy card for a spring celebration. Fold a piece of white cardstock into whatever card size you desire. Cut a piece of light green felt to the same size and carefully fold it around the outside of the card. Mark the middle-front area of the felt and cut out a simple silhouette of a rabbit. Fold the felt around the outside of the card and glue it to secure so that the cut-out rabbit is on the front. Send the card as is or use paint pens to create little carrots around the white rabbit.