How to Call Bingo Numbers

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Bingo can be a way for elderly people to get out and socialize, or it may be a way for you to get to know other people. If you're asked to call bingo numbers for an upcoming game, you may know how to do the basic calling of letters and numbers, but seasoned bingo callers know that there is more to the job than just letters and numbers. Infuse some personality into the job to help entertain the players, and make your night of bingo calling more interesting.

Introduce yourself. Some bingo callers give themselves funny nicknames, like "Screamin' Sam" or the like. Give yourself a funny nickname so that you set the mood of entertainment and fun for all of the players. Remember to keep your voice loud and clear, especially if you are playing with seniors who may be hard of hearing.

Wait for the letter and number to appear from the ball spinner or electronic random number generator. Yell out the letter first. It helps if you yell another word that starts with that letter, especially for "b" and "g," which tend to sound alike. For instance, "b" as in bingo.

Follow the letter with the number. Traditional bingo numbers go from 1 to 90, and seasoned bingo callers may use a funny word association for the numbers. For instance, he might call a rhyme like "'B7, slice of heaven." These word associations and rhymes make the calling more interesting and entertaining for the players.

Repeat the letter and number combination several times, and allow about 30 seconds between each calling to make sure that everyone has a chance to mark it off on their game sheet. Some may be talking and not hear it the first time, or may need you to repeat it to make sure that they heard it accurately.

Complete the process until someone yells "Bingo!"