Cable Stitch Crochet Instructions

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Crochet cable stitches use front- and back-post stitches to mimic the look of classic knitted cables. The cable stitch is an intermediate- to advanced-level crochet stitch, so you should feel proficient at traditional crochet before attempting it. Your crocheted fabric might curl up a little while you work this stitch, but when you finish it will even out with blocking.

Setting up the Stitches

To do a cabled crochet stitch, you need to have a base row of regular stitches to crochet onto. The cabled stitches should be one stitch higher than your base stitches; in other words, if your base is composed of half-double crochet stitches, your cable stitches will be double crochet stitches. For this example, crochet one row of double crochet stitches; make 12 of them total. For your second row, you will double crochet into the first four stitches, make back post double crochet stitches in the center four and use regular double crochet for the last four. Now you can turn your work and begin your cable stitch row.

Making the Cable Stitches

For the next row, make a double crochet stitch into the first four stitches. Skip two of the back-post stitches and work a triple (or treble) crochet stitch around the front post of the next stitch. Repeat this to work a front-post triple crochet around the next stitch as well. Half of your cable is now complete. Go back and work the stitches you skipped. Make a front-post triple crochet stitch around the first stitch you skipped (the one that is the farthest to the right). Now make a front post triple crochet stitch around the second skipped stitch. Make regular double crochet stitches into the last four stitches of the row, and turn. Your first cable row is complete.

Continuing the Stitch Pattern

Make another row like your second one (four double crochets, four back-post double crochets, four double crochets). Skip two stitches and work front post triple crochets in the next two stitches. Now go back and work front-post triple crochet stitches in the two that you skipped. Double crochet in the remaining stitches in the row. Continue this pattern of two rows repeated until your project reaches the desired length. To make a wider cable pattern, start with a wider base, keeping it in multiples of four.