How to Buy a Shuffleboard Table

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Love shuffleboard? Interested in owning a shuffleboard table of your own? Purchasing a table sounds simple enough, but like most things in life, when examined, it proves slightly more complicated. Selecting the perfect table for your home or business is dependent several variables: height, length, width, grain, finish and design.


Perhaps the most important factor in selecting the perfect shuffleboard table is size. Height, length, width -- these are all crucial elements to selecting the right table. Regulation-size tables generally check in at about 22 feet. This size table would be ideal for a tavern or bar. VFW halls and community centers should also consider regulation size. For the homeowner, tables often come in smaller home versions. Depending on the size of your room or space, tables anywhere from 9-14 feet are a good fit.

Shuffleboards are built with a curve in the wood so that the pucks do not slide off the table and onto the ground. Because of this, the tables often warp. Look for a table with an adjustable bar affixed underneath. This is called the "climatic adjuster" and controls the level of curvature.

The playing surface of a table is a very important factor. A good shuffleboard table has a slick, shiny polymer finish. When selecting a table, look for scratches and other kinds of damage. Check to see where the polymer was applied, if possible. Many good finishes are American-made.

Where to Buy

Look for tables first in local flea markets, antique stores and garage sales. Visit your local Dunham's, Dick's Sporting Goods or Cabela's and look in their games section.

If there are none to be found locally, search Craigslist and eBay for a used table.

Visit the websites of McClure Tables or to buy a table online.



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