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How to Use the Drafting Table in "The Sims 3: Ambitions"

Presented by in-game company Scuzzmarr Industries, any Sim can purchase the Sims 3: Ambitions-exclusive drafting table regardless of your Sim's profession. While only an architect got use out of the table in The Sims 2, this iteration's table is also useful to fashion designers and wannabe artists while still providing benefits to architects as well.

Purchasing the Drafting Table

In Buy Mode, you'll find the drafting table in the Hobbies category. There's only one item like it, so you don't need to worry about affording a more expensive upgrade later on. Most Sims should have no problem coughing up for the drafting table, as it's a relatively inexpensive 750 simoleons.

Unlike previous entries in the series, You must buy a stool to use the table. If your Sim doesn't have anywhere to sit, he won't be able to use the drafting table. There is one stool specifically designed for the drafting table, though any will work. Like any chair, place it adjacent to the front of the table; the canvas should slope down towards the stool.

Improving Skills on the Table

The drafting table lets Sims improve a few different skills; in particular, architects and stylists both benefit from the drafting table by drawing new designs for their respective careers. To get started, click the table and select either Practice Interior Design, Practice Styling, Sketch or Practice Painting.

That's right -- painters can also use the drafting table instead of an easel; this is the only skill you can improve that isn't directly tied to having a profession from Ambitions.

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