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Where to Buy Rubber Snakes

Rubber snakes can be used for entertainment, display and protection. Find a healthy person who you’d like to target, then strategically position the rubber snake. If you’re creative enough to set booby traps, you could position them to fall down or appear in front of an intruder when he breaks into your house.

Go to a store that sells toys like Dollar Tree, K-Mart and Toys R Us. Go to the toy section and search every aisle. Ask an employee if they have any rubber snakes in storage if you don’t find them in the merchandise bins. Go to a Halloween decoration store and search their merchandise; many offer fake snakes.

Go to FakeRubber Snakes.com’s landing page (link below) to review the different types of fake snakes for sale. Make your selection and review its details. Scroll down and choose “Add to cart” if you want to continue shopping, or “Buy now.” Type how many snakes you want to order before proceeding to the checkout. Choose whether you want to pay by credit card or PayPal; then complete your order.

Access The Big Zoo’s website and select the following in order; Store, Animal Toys, Replicas, then Rubber Snakes. Scroll down to see pictures of fake snakes; these pictures come with product features description, price and “Add to Cart” buttons. Pick a rubber snake, then click “Add to Cart” to get to the order page. Type a number in the “quantity” box, then select “checkout.” Fill the order form out and complete your purchase.

Buy rubber snakes at VegHead.com. Go to the landing page, type “snakes” in the “Quick find” box, then hit “Enter” on your keyboard. Choose your rubber snake and click “Buy now” to get to the initial order page. Type the number of fake snakes you want to buy, then click “Checkout” to complete your order.

Go to Shop.com and type “rubber snakes” in the “I’m shopping for” box; then select “Toys” in the department drop-down menu. Click the “Find now” button to get to a landing page full of rubber snake options. Make your choice and click the “Go to store” button. Type the number of rubber snakes you want to order, then click “Buy now” to complete the order process.


  • Planning on pulling a prank with your rubber snake? Make sure that the person you pull a prank on is healthy and can handle a scare. Don’t buy small rubber snakes for a baby or a child, who might treat it as food. Read the warning label that comes with these toys before you purchase them.
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