How to Buy Really Cheap Morgan Silver Dollars

Coin collecting is a hobby that anybody can enjoy. It's a rewarding feeling when you have bought a coin, especially if you have searched for that coin for years. Finding Morgan Silver Dollars is often a challenge but, with these easy tips, you'll be buying them in no time.

Buy a coin book for the current year, which lists the value of a Morgan Silver Dollar. One of the best books for this is The Official Red Book, A Guide Book Of United States Coins 2009. It's a must have for anyone who wants to buy Morgan Silver Dollars or any other kind of coin. The price of a Morgan Silver Dollar varies due to it's fineness, how many were made, mint mark and the year. For example, a 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar that has a very fine value will cost you $28.00 on the other hand an uncirculated Silver Dollar of the same year will cost $75.00. These prices are from a 2007 coin book, so prices right now are higher.

Begin searching in places close to home. First asking the family's elders like parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts is a good idea. Most of the time they have old Morgan Silver Dollars saved somewhere. Make them a decent offer and more than likely they will sell their Morgan Silver Dollar coins.

Go to a pawnshop; it's another great place to find cheap Morgan Silver Dollars. Make a list of the Silver Dollars you would like to purchase before you go. Sometimes the Morgan Silver Dollars you are looking for are priced at a lower value because they have not been appraised properly. Always check the containers they have filled with silver dollars and other coins; it might be time-consuming to check them one at a time, but it's well worth it if you make that find.

Flea markets and swap meats are other places to find cheap Morgan Silver Dollars. Many coin collectors go to flea markets to sell their coins such as Morgan Silver Dollars. Some are more than willing to trade one of your coins for one of their coins. If you have two of the same Morgan Silver Dollar, a trade can be made for another Morgan silver Dollar of a different year. On the other hand, others just want to get rid of what they have so they 'll sell at a low price.

Looking through your newspaper classified ads can be a good source for finding many things, including Morgan Silver Dollars. If nobody is selling any at the time, place an ad saying that you are willing to pay for any silver dollars they are willing to part with.

Finally, on-line auctions such as eBay are great places to find Morgan Silver Dollars. Just place a bid on the silver dollar of your choice and wait. Always keep a close eye on the Silver Dollars you want to buy, most of the time the auction will last a few days. Placing your bid toward the end of the auction will ensure you a better chance of winning the coin at hand.