Bunco Prize Basket Ideas

Prizes for the dice game Bunco can include more creative ideas other than money.
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The dice game Bunco has become increasingly popular in recent years among women of varying ages and lifestyles, largely due to the fact that it gives them a chance to get together, eat delicious snacks, catch up with one another and win some money. It is a game that can be played in several variations, with the stakes high or low, following virtually any theme. One way to switch things up is to award prize baskets instead of, or in addition to the more customary monetary winnings. Prize baskets can be filled with anything from candy and t-shirts to tote bags and water bottles, and the options are limitless.

Candy Prize Basket

Candy dice fit the theme.
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A prize basket filled with candy can be an appealing option for any Bunco group. Novelty candy is available in many varieties and sizes, and can be purchased at most grocery and party supply stores, and on the Internet. Hosts may want to incorporate dice-shaped candy to go along with the Bunco theme. Candy money is another novelty item that can be placed inside the basket. Additionally, if the theme of the night involves foods around the world, it might be fun to fill the basket with different types of candy from around the world, such as Swiss or Belgian chocolates. A candy prize basket can be an extremely easy and fairly inexpensive way to offer players a sweet treat to take home at the end of the game.

Breast Cancer Awareness Prize Basket

Bunco prizes can help raise awareness.
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Breast cancer awareness is a growing issue that speaks to many women on a personal level. The Bunco for Breast Cancer network has established itself as a fund-raising effort that has raised over $800,000 for breast cancer research through Bunco games played across the country. A breast cancer awareness gift basket is a great opportunity to bring attention to this health issue that plagues so many women, young and old. The basket, and its contents, should primarily include breast cancer awareness novelty items, which might include magnets, stickers, t-shirts and water bottles, all in the shade of pink for which the famous cause is known. It might also be appropriate to include some literature on the disease and signature pink ribbons, as well as prevention methods.

Go Green Prize Basket

Bunco prizes can be
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Nowadays, “going green” is a not only well-known slogan, it’s an increasingly popular lifestyle choice. It’s become chic and politically correct to care about protecting the environment. A go-green prize basket might educate guests on the need to adopt a more green lifestyle, and possibly even contain items that would help get them started. Prizes might include organic cotton t-shirts and reusable water bottles. Go-green tote bags, coffee mugs and other novelty items can be found in many retail stores and on countless web sites. The basket might also contain a go-green Bunco kit, which includes specialty score cards, so the winner can host the next green-themed Bunco game.