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How to Build a Water Projector Screen

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Water screens can display higher-resolution images and videos than plasma screens, according to Live Design Magazine. Building your own water screen may require some trouble-shooting and trial-and-error tests before it will work perfectly, due to differences in water pressure needs, droplet size and spacing, and possible natural obstacles, such as wind. Most water screens are recommended to be used outdoors, due to the possibility of water overspray or splashing.

Lay the PVC pipe on the ground. Make a small dot with the permanent marker every 1/4 inch down the length of the pipe by measuring with the tape measure. These dots should be in as straight a line as possible.

Drill very small holes where the marker dots are located with the electric drill. Make sure to drill the holes with the same directionality to allow the droplets to eventually flow to make a curtain of water.

Slide the PVC inside the steel pipe with the 1/2-inch slit cut into it. Rotate the PVC so the holes line up in the center of the slit. Screw on a "T" joint steel coupler on each end of the steel pole with the PVC inside it so that the bottom of the "T" joint is pointing downward-the same direction as the holes in the PVC.

Screw a steel pipe into each of the downward pointing "T" joints to be the supports of the water screen. Screw the other two "T" joint couplers into the other ends of these supports so the top of the "T" will be resting on the ground-it will look like a reflection of the joint on the other end of the support. Screw in the remaining four steel poles into the ends of the "T" joints to create the base of the supports. Rotate these base supports at the "T" joint so they are perpendicular to the PVC pipe.

Attach one end of each of the garden hoses to the ends of the PVC pipe. Attach the other end of the hoses into the output location on the fountain pumps.

Stand the water screen frame up. Align the trough below the frame and place the fountain pumps in it at either end. Fill the trough with water. Plug the pumps in to an electrical outlet or source. Turn the pumps on. Adjust the pressure on the pumps as needed to perfect the flow of the water to create the water screen.

Things You'll Need:

  • 1 and 1/2 inches PVC pipe threaded on the ends
  • Measuring tape
  • Permanent marker
  • Electric drill
  • 1 and 3/4 inches steel pipes with threaded ends (one cut with a 1/2 inch slit down the length of it)
  • "T" joint steel couplers (4)
  • Garden hoses (2)
  • Fountain pumps (2)
  • Trough
  • Thread seal tape


Apply thread tape to any joints that leak to create an airtight seal.


  • Use as little pressure as possible to avoid water from becoming a mist. Do not allow the water trough to empty, as the fountains may become damaged if they have an inadequate water supply flow through them.
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