How to Build a PVC Sausage Stuffer

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A sausage stuffer is a great tool that is a must if you want to make your own delicious links. It is used to stuff sausage meat into casings and really you can't make sausage without one. A larger, professional sausage stuffer costs $100 or more, but you can make your own from PVC pipe and get a real taste of what it is like to make your own sausage. You just need to have PVC, and a few other tools you might already have on hand.

Cut your PVC pipe to the length of 12 inches using a hack saw. This is long enough for a small sausage stuffer.

Set the PVC pipe onto a sheet of metal plating that is 1/4-inch thick and at least 3 inches square. Trace the outline of the PVC pipe onto the metal plate with a marker.

Measure the thickness of the PVC pipe wall; it should be about 1/16 of an inch. Set a compass into the middle of the circle you drew on the plate, measure and set the compass to 1/16 of an inch inside the outer circle, and trace another inner circle.

Cut out the metal plate using a metal saw and following the lines of the inner circle. This plate will fit inside the PVC pipe.

Weld one 18-inch long metal rod to the metal circle you just cut out using a gas welder and filler bar, so the rod is perpendicular to the metal plate and attached in the center.

Attach the larger cake icing nipple (it must have a 2-inch diameter end and 1-inch or greater opening) to the PVC pipe by tapping it around the base of the pipe with a small mallet or hammer.

Slide the metal pipe and plate into the PVC. It will slide up and down inside in your new sausage stuffer.

Things You'll Need

  • 2-inch PVC pipe
  • Hack saw
  • Metal plate
  • Marker
  • Large cake icing nipple
  • Steel rod
  • 3-inch-by-3-inch metal plate



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