How to Build a Corner Curio Cabinet

Build a simple cabinet for your children's toys.
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Do you have a collection of small objects like antiques or plates you want displayed in a corner cabinet in your home or at work? This article walks you through step-by-step instructions on building a triangular wooden curio cabinet 5 feet tall and 2 feet deep with four to five shelves. All that is required in accomplishing this task are a few carpentry tools, plywood, wood stain or paint of your choice, hardware and a precut glass door.

Cutting the Pieces for Your Corner Curio Cabinet

Take one sheet of plywood and cut a piece with the circular saw that is 5 feet long and 2 feet wide for the one side of your cabinet.

Take the extra piece of that plywood and cut a piece that is 5 feet long and 1 foot 11 1/4 inches wide for the other side of your cabinet.

Measure out a triangle using the corner of another piece of plywood with two 2-foot-2-inch-long sides. Use the two edges of the plywood for the sides. Draw a diagonal line connecting these two sides to form a triangle. Cut out two of these triangles for the top and bottom of your cabinet.

Use the same technique in Step 3 to cut out four to five triangular pieces with two 2-foot-long sides. The two sides form a 90-degree angle and are then connected by a diagonal line to form a triangle. These pieces are your shelves. You may want more or less depending on the height of what you are placing in your cabinet.

Measure the diagonal side of one of the shelves. Go to a local glass shop and have a piece of glass cut for the door that is 4 feet 10 inches long, and the width of it is the measurement you took. Have all edges smoothed and finished and two hinges attached to one of the long sides of the glass about 3 inches inward from each end. Also, the mounting plate of the hinges has to be 1 inch or less across the top. The type of hinge required is the semi-tight as opposed to free-swinging so the door will stay closed without the use of magnets.

Sand all rough edges on your cut pieces. Apply wood stain or paint of your choice to them and allow to dry.

Assembling Your Corner Curio Cabinet

Gather the top, bottom and two side pieces of your cabinet. Take the slightly wider side piece and screw the 2-foot-long side to one of the 2-foot-2-inch long sides of the bottom so that the side is sitting on top of the bottom piece when you stand it up. Make sure the edge of this side is flush with the 90-degree corner of the bottom. Drive three screws up through the bottom into the side piece.

Take the remaining side piece and attach it to the other edge of the bottom piece so the two sides form a right corner. Drive three screws up through the bottom into this piece.

Attach the top piece of your cabinet in the same way as the bottom. Line the 90-degree angle of this piece up with the side corner, and drive three screws down through the top into each side piece.

Screw the shelves inside your cabinet in the position you want them. Place the 90-degree angle of each shelf against the 90-degree corner in the back of the cabinet, and drive three screws through each side into the shelf.

Stand your cabinet up. Have a friend hold the glass door up while you mount the hinges with the necessary hardware to the inner left side of the cabinet in the space between the front of the shelves and the front of the cabinet.

Your new corner curio cabinet is ready to use.


Be cautious when using power tools and handling glass.

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