How to Blow a Bubble Gum Bubble

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Some people can stick any type of gum in their mouth and produce huge bubbles. But the best gum to blow bubbles with is, of course, bubble gum. If all you ever wind up doing is splattering gum all over the sides of your face and lips when you attempt to blow a bubble, follow these steps and you'll soon be blowing the biggest bubble gum bubbles on the block.

Chew a piece of bubble gum until it is soft and stretchy. Any type of bubble gum will do; no brand will necessarily work better than another.

Use your tongue to roll it into a ball and then flatten it against the back of your teeth. It should now be a flat circle pressed against your teeth. If you have trouble flattening it against your teeth, flatten it against the roof of your mouth first, then move it down behind your teeth with your tongue.

Push your tongue through the circle of bubble gum. Be gentle, pushing too hard or too quickly will make a hole. There should now be a thin layer of gum over your tongue.

Slide your tongue out of the layer of bubble gum, being careful not to rip it as you do. If the gum does rip, simply repeat steps 2 and 3.

Hold the thin layer of gum between your slightly parted lips and blow. The initial blow should be hard enough to start the bubble, but once the bubble begins to form, blow more gently.

Close your lips to seal the bubble. Suck the gum back into your mouth to deflate the bubble.


Blow from your lungs to produce enough air to form a bubble; simply blowing with the air in your mouth will not be strong enough to make a bubble.

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