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How to Keep a Removed Navel Piercing From Scarring

A healed piercing leaves a tube of scar tissue inside the skin.
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Navel piercings usually take between six and nine months to heal. If you remove the jewelry from a new navel piercing before the healing is complete, the piercing may heal without leaving behind a scar. Every person's skin is different, so there is no guaranteed way to prevent scarring in all cases. However, continuing to clean the jewelry-free piercing according to Association of Professional Piercers body aftercare standards is your best bet for smooth, scar-free healing.

Things You'll Need:

  • Antimicrobial Soap
  • Shot Glass
  • Paper Towels
  • Packaged Sterile Saline Solution
  • Scar Cream

Take the jewelry out of your piercing, provided there is no sign of infection. If you are experiencing signs of infection, such as hot, red skin or leaking pus, leave the jewelry in so it can serve as a drain. If you are not experiencing signs of infection, wash your hands with antimicrobial soap, hold the bottom bead of your navel barbell steady and unscrew the top bead by turning it counter-clockwise. Slide the barbell out of your navel by pulling on the bottom bead.

Soak your piercing with a shot glass full of prepackaged sterile saline solution twice a day. Fill the glass with solution, bend over, press the glass around your navel to form a seal, lean back and allow the solution to remain on your skin for 10 minutes. The saline solution will loosen any blood or plasma that has become encrusted around the piercing holes.

Step into a hot shower and lather your navel with antimicrobial soap immediately after soaking. Leave the soap on your navel while you finish showering, rinsing it just before getting out.

Dry your piercing with a fresh paper towel after every wash. Pat the towel over your skin and throw it away. Do not use your bath towel, which can retain bacteria if you have used it before.

Massage a silicone-based scar treatment cream into the piercing daily once the healing is complete. You will know your navel is healed when the skin is completely sealed and no longer becomes crusty. Rub the cream into your skin for two minutes to help break down scar tissue.

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