How to Become a Seamstress

A seamstress is a woman who makes her living by sewing. The level of education and skill can determine the type of job you attain. Some areas of the design industry may require you to have a degree in textile design or fashion. Other areas may depend more on experience than a formal education. Below are some of the steps to becoming a seamstress.

Decide which area of the sewing industry interests you. You may be interested in a specialty such as costume design,alterations or making children's clothes. As a seamstress, you may specialize in one area or many.

Learn new sewing skills. You probably already know how to sew if you are thinking of going into this field. Take some classes, learn new skills and improve on the ones you have. Consider college courses or a degree if you plan to enter into the fashion industry.

Study the structure of garments. Some of the best experts in the sewing field started out mending and doing alterations. Check with your local cleaning business or bridal shop to see if you can start out in the alterations department. This is a good place to start and get some experience with garment construction and repair.

Be an apprentice. Learning a trade by working closely with an expert is the way many people learned a skill in the past. It is still effective today as a way to pass knowledge on from one generation to the next.

Choosing which field to go into is the most difficult task for a seamstress. Once you have acquired the knowledge and skills necessary, you can choose from a vast selection of jobs. There are opportunities from the entrance level to the high-end fashion industry.


  • Do some research on the opportunities in the area where you live. The sewing jobs available in your area will determine the type of training you need.


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