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What Beaches Have Sea Glass in Massachusetts?

Beach lovers can comb the shores of these beaches for sea glass and other treasures.
at the beach image by Lily Forman from Fotolia.com

Sea glass is a prized item for beachcombers and tourists. Unlike seashells, sea glass is formed from man-made litter that has fallen into the sea. Pieces of glass, such as old broken bottles, wash away into the ocean and are smoothed by the waves. When they wash up on the shore, they've become shiny, flat pieces of glass. Massachusetts is home to beaches ranging from those found at Cape Cod to Gloucester and others, all housing sea glass waiting to be found.

Cape Cod

Cape Cod is a popular tourist resort with rolling beaches and pleasant water for swimming. The scene is different from the warmer beaches further down the coast in Florida and nearby states. Lush grass and large dunes set a landscape for those who enjoy exploring and taking in nature. Sea glass washes up on several beaches in Cape Cod. Often, it's a matter of being in the right place at the right time. Going early and keeping a diligent eye out is the best way to find pieces to take home.


Gloucester is the home of secluded beaches such as Cressey's Beach. Home of colorful, polished rocks and polished sea glass, beachcombers are sure to find exciting items to add to their collections. Lodging is plentiful, and playgrounds are located throughout Gloucester for families traveling with children. The blue waters are a peaceful sight to enjoy even in the colder months when temperatures make the water unsuitable for swimming. The shores are covered in soft sand for a stroll along the water's edge.


Salem bumps up against several beaches where sea glass is often found by tourists and beachcombers. Beaches in the area include Collins Cove Beach, Willows Main Beach and Waikiki Beach at Winter Island. While both Collins Cove and Willows Main provide relaxing areas to play in the sand, swim, picnic or simply walk around and enjoy nature, Waikiki Beach provides the most variety in tourist attractions. It is part of Winter Island; campgrounds are provided and the entire setting gives a serene feel. Visitors can explore the island with its brightly colored flowers and towering lighthouse.

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