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The Best Places to Go Metal Detecting in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Metal detecting is a hobby that can be enjoyed just about anywhere.
detector de metales image by Marco Antonio Fdez. from Fotolia.com

Metal detecting is a hobby that many people enjoy to the point that they travel with their metal-detecting equipment. The thrill of the hunt and the surprise when you find something buried in the sand or soil makes many want to go back for more. Metal detecting in and around Milwaukee, Wisconsin, can be accomplished by visiting busy and historic areas.

Bradford Beach

Bradford Beach is part of the Milwaukee County Park System along Lake Michigan. Bradford Beach is one of four beaches but is the only on that has a staff of lifeguards which are added protection for those preoccupied with metal detecting. The beaches along Lake Michigan are filled with tourists throughout the summer months and thus make for a great place to look for buried treasure. Because the beaches are sandy, it is ideal for metal detecting.

Bradford Beach 2400 N. Lincoln Memorial Drive Milwaukee, WI 53211 414-257-7230 www.county.milwaukee.gov

Jacobus Park

Jacobus Park is located in Milwaukee and is touted as being one of the oldest parks in the Milwaukee area. Metal detecting can provide hours of enjoyment here as the more than 32 acres of land that the park encompasses has had a vast array of visitors spanning many decades. The park includes tree-lined trails and a pond which makes for interesting and challenging areas to search for items with your metal detector.

Jacobus Park 6742 W. Wells St. Wauwatosa, WI 53213 414-258-4984 www.cjpna.org

Historic Third Ward

The Historic Third Ward in Milwaukee could prove to be a treasure trove of findings for those using metal detectors. There is the current hustle and bustle associated with the rich nightlife and daily events that draw large crowds to the area but the area is rooted in historical significance as well. The Third Ward was the site of the Great Third Ward Fire of 1892. The site is registered with the National Historical Society and the eclectic mix of visitors to the area makes the location a prime spot for those out metal detecting while in Milwaukee.

Historic Third Ward 219 N. Milwaukee St. 3rd Floor Milwaukee, WI 53202 414-273-1173 www.historicthirdward.org

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