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Properties of Moon Quartz

Moon quartz is known by a multitude of names, including blue opal quartz, moon opal, lunar quartz, moon stone, Girasol and foggy quartz. It is a variety of rock crystal imbued with water to make the cloudy appearance. Sources say the rock has properties ranging from enhancing communication skills to promoting fertility and curing disease.

Physical Properties

The color of a moon quartz is milky white or silver blue-gray with a warm appearance. It can also appear yellowish with a white, pink or yellow sheen.

Love Properties

According to Crystal-cure.com, if you give a moon quartz necklace to your lover, the two of you will always have passion. The stone is rumored to bring good fortune, enhance intuition, promote inspiration, offer protection and bring success in love and business.

Healing Properties

Moon quartz is rumored to be helpful in treating fatigue and diabetes because of its calming and balancing effects. It regulates emotions and helps women with their monthly cycle, even promoting growth and fertility.

Other Properties

While gardening, wear moon quartz jewelry during planting, weeding and watering to stimulate plant growth. Bury a few smaller stones in the ground near your garden. Another property includes the ability to reconnect lovers who have quarreled. Setting the stone in the light of the moon becoming full can recharge its effects.

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