How to Avoid Boredom in Retirement

When many people make it to retirement, they often discover that without work, they become bored. There are only so many hobbies that you can take up to fill the 8 to 10 hours a day you once spent on the job. Freeing yourself from boredom really is a matter of taking advantage of the endless possibilities of retirement activities.

Travel. If you can afford it, consider taking your dream vacation. Try a cruise around the world, a train trip through Europe or a stay at a French chateau. provides a detailed list of travel ideas and news for seniors. Seniors typically receive a discount on just about everything. If you are a single senior, consider going along with a group of like-minded people. 50plus Expeditions offers trips selected specifically for active travelers 50 and over. Transitions Abroad lists many other senior-specific travel companies.

Find community. If you live in a retirement community, check out what kind of activities it offers. Many have social gatherings, nights out at different places and other events that bring strangers together. A recent popular trend revolves around competitions with the new Nintendo Wii gaming system, which requires you to be physically engaged in each game by using its controller to mimic the game player movements. For its bowling game, there is even a National Senior League's Wii bowling competition with 186 teams.

Consider other community activities such as book clubs, movie clubs and volunteering for a worthwhile charity.

Learn something new. Study a new language, develop a passion for a new field of study or pick up an instrument. If you want to be a student again, consider enrolling for a class at a local university extension program. There are also audio recordings, such as those sold by The Teaching Company that offers lecture of top professors on a wide variety of topics, from philosophy to genetics. If you want to pick up a foreign language, there are always students willing to work as a tutor and provide a little friendly discussion.

Study religion, philosophy or art. Whatever your religious persuasion, there are endless new ways to involve yourself in the more serious considerations in life. Talk to your priest, rabbi or other religious leader for ideas on how to be involved. Go to a museum or check out the philosophy department in the book store.

Focus on staying healthy. You can start talking evening walks, visit the local farmer's market to pick up healthy fruits and vegetables or find a health club with a sauna to relax in. Other senior-friendly activities include golf, swimming, bridge, bingo and bunko.



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