Australia Craft Projects for Kids

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Kids can get creative while learning about the country of Australia through craft projects. Educate children in the history, culture, and animal life of "Oz" with art activities that will also enhance the child's creative skills.

Australian Didgeridoo

With cardboard tubes kids can make their own didgeridoo.
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Tape two cardboard tubes together, forming one long tube. Get a large sheet of white paper. Cut it so there will be enough to wrap around the tube once. Using coloring pens or crayons, the child should then draw an aboriginal pattern onto this sheet of paper. Next, wrap this paper on which the child has drawn their design around the tube. Seal it down with transparent tape.

Australia Map Collage

Draw an outline of Australia onto brown construction paper and cut out. Stick this template onto a larger sheet of blue construction paper. Next, on white paper, ask the child to draw different Australian animals, such as kangaroos, koalas and even fish such as Australian bass. Cut the templates out and ask the child to color them in. Next, glue these animals onto the map (the bass can be stuck on the blue paper which represents the coast). Ask the child to label each animal with a pen.

To enhance the map further, the child should draw some Australian landmarks onto white paper, such as Sydney Opera House, The Great Barrier Reef and Uluru. Once again, help the child cut these out, color, glue them onto map in approximate positions, and label.

Aboriginal Dot Art

Get a sheet of white construction paper. Ask the child to draw an outline of an animal native to Australia--such as a koala, kangaroo or crocodile--onto the paper with a pencil. They can draw outlines surrounding the animal, such as the sun, or grass. Then get a selection of poster paints, and dip a cotton swab into them. Ask the child to color in their outlines with paint spots, as to replicate Aboriginal dot art. Make sure to use a different cotton swab for each new color.

Koala Mask

Make a koala mask with a paper plate.
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Get a gray paper plate, or simply select a white one and paint it gray. Cut this paper plate in half--you may discard one half. Punch two holes either side of the half paper plate. Thread a piece of yarn through these holes, knotting secure--this is so the mask will be able to be worn around the head. Next, with gray construction paper, cut out two large ears. Using black construction paper, cut out two circular eyes and one larger circle which will act as a nose. Help the child to glue these features onto the paper plate to complete the koala mask.