Art & Activities for the Angel Gabriel's Visit With Mary

According to Luke 1: 26 - 30, the angel Gabriel appeared to the Virgin Mary and told her she was going to have a son, Jesus. The angel informed Mary she had found favor with God. This is an important Biblical event that children learn about in Sunday school class and vacation Bible schools. It is sometimes referred to as The Annunciation. There are several creative art and activities that can teach children about Gabriel's visit to Mary.

Activity on Purity Of Gabriel and Mary

Read Luke 2: 26-38. Use this activity to teach children the meaning of purity using water, a clear cup, food dye, and a plastic spoon. Purity is a difficult concept for younger children to understand. Water is a good symbol of purity. First give each child a cup of plain water in a clear cup. Explain that they are not to drink the cup. It is pure, with nothing in it to pollute it or make it dirty. Give each child a dropper of darker food coloring dye, the kind used in candies and cakes. Dark blues, dark green, red and purples work well. Tell each child to drop six drops of food dye in the cup and stir it with the spoon. Ask them if they can see through the water after they put their food dye in it. Explain that now the water is no longer pure. Connect the activity to the lesson by explaining to the children that Mary was pure in God's sight. She was like the cup of water before they put the dye in it. That is why Gabriel came to Mary to let her know she had been chosen to carry the baby Jesus.

Mary Pleases God

Children love to be physically active. Include an acitivity where they can be moving. Depending on the age of the child, either write words with marker on a poster and tape it on different walls, or draw pictures that smaller kids can understand. The children will pick which picture they want to stand under. The pictures present ways we can please God. Pictures can display obey parents, keep commandments, be nice to animals, be kind to other children and read the Bible. Be creative in choosing your ideas for pictures of words. Keep the wrods and pictures simple so they are understood. Tell each child to pick their favoritre way to please God. Chances are, not all kids will stand by or under the same picture. If they do, ask a volunteer or two to pick another picture to stand under. Explain that we all are to please God, just as Mary listened to Garbiel's messege and said, " I am the Lord's servent. May your word be fulfilled."

Art Activity: Handprint/Footprint Angel

Help the children make handprint/footprint Gabriel angels. You will need pre-cut pictures of boys' and girls' heads from magazines. Other supplies include paper, some crayons, scissors,yarn, pipe cleaner and glue. Draw the child's foot on the paper as the body of the angel. The heel is the neck area, and the toes are the hem of the angel's dress. In the middle of each traced foot, trace the child's hand for a wing. Paste the appropriate gender child's head on the heel of the foot. The child can either draw hair on the angle or use the yarn for hair. Help the child draw a belt or paste one on the robe. This is optional, but adds a finished touch.You can also add ribbon if desired, gluing it on the robe. Finish the angel Gabriel by making a halo for each child's angel out of pipe cleaners, and gluing it on the head. After drying, the children can take the angel home for Christmas. A hole punch and string attached can create a tree decoration out of Gabriel.

Art Activity: Gabriel Coloring Activity

Print a coloring template. The picture of the angel with the trumpet is one that can be colored and glitter can be used on his trumpet. Place glue on the trumpet and allow the children to sprinkle glitter on the trumpet. Remind them again of how Gabriel announced to Mary that she was going to give birth to the baby Jesus.