Adult Church Party Games

Liven up a church party with adult Christian games.
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Spice up your church gatherings with Christian party games. Whether for a party or to use as an ice-breaker for an all-day planning or learning session, games can provide good, clean Christian fun. Many games require little or no expense and minimal preparation. Adults in the same age category or a group of adults of all ages can participate in a variety of games.

Whispered Verse

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Play a game that children often play to show how gossip quickly gets turned into something it did not start out to be. Have several slips of paper prepared with Bible verses written on them. The adults sit in a circle or around a table. One person picks a verse strip from a bowl. That person whispers the verse into the ear of the person on her left or right. Each person in the group whispers the verse as they understood it. The last person to hear the verse repeats out loud what he understood the verse to be. Repeat the game with another verse chosen from the bowl.

Traveling Bible Bingo

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Create Bingo cards from a software program, a Bingo card generator website or just write on blank cards. At the top of the card, replace the five letters in Bingo with the five letters in the word Bible. Have a "salvation" space in the middle of the card instead of a "free" space. The card can use numbers or words as desired. The object of the game is to play Bingo. However, after every three or four calls from the game caller, the group stands and moves one space to the left or right of their chairs, leaving their Bingo cards at the former spot. Some players will become frustrated with having to leave a card that is about to win, while others will appreciate getting away from a card that is not doing well. To make the game more lively, move to the left two or three times, then back to the right to keep the group moving in different directions. At the end of the game, everyone gets a prize.

Bible Trivia Bowling

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Give each participant 10 pennies to arrange in a triangular pattern, as they would arrange bowling pins. The game moderator asks one person a Bible trivia question. If that person answers correctly, she removes a penny from the pattern. Continue around the group until someone removes all her pennies.

Secret Name Game

Cut about 3/4 of the center from a paper plate for each adult, leaving part of the center connected to the rim. Fold the remaining portion of the plate upward to make a paper plate hat. Write the name of a Bible person, animal or event on the portion of the hat that is folded upward. Place a hat on each person without him seeing the word. Guests go around the room and ask others for hints about who they are. Those who guess who they are remove their hats until everyone has figured out their secret names.