How to Make a Desk Paper Nameplate

How to Make a Desk Paper Nameplate. Desk paper nameplates are a great way for teachers to learn and remember their students' names while in the classroom. They can also encourage students to learn each other's names and bond. Follow these tips to make a paper nameplate for each of your students' desks.

Download a desk paper nameplate template. Many templates can be found on teachers' websites such as Enchanted Learning, ABC Teach and Teacherhelp.org. Designs are limitless and can range from plain white to intricate designs and shapes. Consider downloading nameplates having to do with your classroom's theme, unit lesson plans or school mascots.

Cut the template out, if necessary.

Fold the nameplate as directed on the template. If your chosen template doesn't come with instructions, look for dotted lines on it. Dotted lines indicate the areas where a crease or a fold needs to occur. If your template is designed to be used flat, don't fold or crease it.

Print the student's name on the template using a permanent, thick-tipped marker. Dark colors like black, blue, brown or purple are easier to see from far away. Some standing nameplates may need names written on both the front and back sides.

Allow students to decorate their nameplates with stickers or small drawings. Advise them not to write in the space dedicated to their names.

Use staples or glue to secure the nameplate onto itself, if it's necessary. Tape the nameplate down to the students' desks so that nameplates won't be removed.

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