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About Personal Expression in Art

About Personal Expression in Art
Vincent Van Gogh

Art can be considered a universal language. People travel to various parts of the world just to see and admire great works of art. An artist's creation can end up being considered a masterpiece. However, any form of art is a great way to express ideas, feelings, beliefs and personal values.


Art has been around since prehistoric times in the form of drawings, sculptures and paintings on rocks and in caves. Art has continued to progress as a way of communication, telling stories, capturing events and historic moments, and as an outlet for personal expression.


Art is used for many reasons, including entertainment, stimulating the senses, displaying culture, architecture, politics and expressing a variety of styles. Art is often used to illustrate abstract thoughts, religious views, cultural beliefs, nature and various forms of life, fantasy and personal beliefs. The purpose of art varies depending on the art form, but the artist is usually using his art as a way to express something meaningful to him or others.


Art can be visual, such as in tattoos, graffiti, paintings, sculptures and drawings; literary as in poetry, books and articles; auditory as in music or verbally recited art; or a combination of different styles. People can take just about anything and see it as art. Some people look at a piece of fruit and see art, while others look at the sunrise or sunset as a work of art. Types of art vary among different people.


Think about exploring more than one form of art. If you're good at drawing, tattooing could be an option for you to explore to expand on your artistic skills. There are also many career opportunities to consider in the art field, such as graphic artists, book illustrators, fashion designers, sculptors, painters, photographers, authors, poets, teachers and many more.


Some art may be deemed offensive to some cultures, religions or groups of people. Although everyone has freedom of personal expression when creating art, consider whether the art you create can be offensive or hurtful to others.

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