Warm-Up Games for Kids

A kid's feet as he kicks a soccer ball around cones.
matimix/iStock/Getty Images

Whether you're a coach, teacher or parent looking after a number of kids, playing sports and other up-tempo games helps them meet their daily requirement of 60 minutes of exercise. Before the action begins, however, a warm-up period provides the chance for the kids to wake up their muscles and joints and increase their core temperature. You might have trouble getting kids to perform the same dynamic stretches you use at the gym; instead, use moderate-tempo games to get them ready.

Keep It Fun

Although the kids might be anxious to get moving, avoid games that feature a significant amount of running -- these activities don't fit the description of a warm-up activity. Instead, focus on moderate-intensity games. Simon Says allows kids to get moving without straining their bodies, while Run Through the Jungle, in which kids must navigate around invisible plants and animals, keeps them entertained as they warm up. Walking races and light calisthenics, such as jumping jacks, are also suitable.