Woodworking Plans for Kids' Toys

Wooden toys can be fun to make for the wood craftsman. They bring back the charm of days gone by. Wood toys also make great gifts that almost any child can appreciate. Wooden toys can be handed down from one generation to the next. They also are popular items at toy and craft fairs. Here are some plans you can use to make your own wooden toys.

Simple Small Toys

Cars, airplanes, and puzzles made from wood are simple kids' toy projects that you can do without using large wood carving tools. Carving knives or a power carver, sandpaper and acrylic paint will suffice. You can find plans for these types of toys as well as others online or at craft and hobby shops. Other fun toys to make that require only a few tools include miniature dollhouse furniture.

Medium-Sized Toy Projects

Child-size furniture such as a tea set table and chairs for a little girl is an ideal medium-sized project you can do with simple wood carving tools and power hand tools. You could also make a rocking horse, which is not only fun but makes a great decoration for any child's room. Toy-themed beds are fun for kids as well. Little girls love homemade baby cradles. A stick horse is another easy wood toy project.

Large Outdoor Wooden Toys

Larger toys can be made with power tools. A woodworking lathe is a good idea if you can afford it. A wood lathe can make it easier to work with larger projects on a regular basis. Outdoor toys you can make include jungle gym sets, a clubhouse or tree house, a go-kart, or life-size cars, trains or boats that children can actually sit in and pretend. You can find plans for all of these items at hobby stores or online, sometimes free.