Wooden Cross Art Projects

wooden cross image by Georgios Kollidas from Fotolia.com

Make a wooden cross into a meaningful art project during Easter Sunday school, or simply do this project anytime at home with your children. Supplies for wooden cross art projects are readily available and little preparation is required. A few sticks, some glue and an inspired imagination is all that you need to create a beautiful wooden cross.

Cross Necklace

According to Kaboose.com, you can create a simple and attractive wooden cross necklace using Popsicle sticks, tacky glue, and colorful sand or small aquarium gravel. Collect an even number of Popsicle sticks, and divide the sticks into two even sets. Drill a small hole in one end of each stick in one pile of sticks, and pair each drilled stick with an undrilled stick. Use tacky glue to attach the undrilled stick a short distance above the center of the drilled stick nearer the end with the hole. Glue the undrilled stick across the drilled stick to form a cross shape. Tacky glue takes roughly five to 10 minutes to dry, and then you should cover one side of the cross with tacky glue. Press the cross, glue side down, into a bowl of colored sand or aquarium gravel. Hold the cross in the sand or gravel until it is thoroughly covered. Remove the cross and allow it to dry thoroughly. Once the cross is dry, attach a length of yarn or a ribbon to complete the necklace. You may use other materials such as rice or salt colored with food coloring in place of sand or gravel.

Blooming Cross

Danielle’s Place website recommends that you make a cross by gluing together two tongue depressors or Popsicle sticks. Next, decorate a clear plastic drinking cup by drawing pictures of flowers, a rising Sun, the three crosses of the Crucifixion, or any other Easter related drawing such as bunnies or colorful Easter eggs. Fill each decorated cup with some potting soil, and then decorate the wooden cross or leave it undecorated. Place the cross in the potting soil near the center of the cup. Plant a flower seed in the center of the cup and pour a small amount of water on the seed. Tie a bow around the pot and place it in a sunny window. This wooden cross craft symbolizes Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross and his gift of new life to the world.

Burned Match Cross

Before beginning this wooden cross craft, DLTK’s Growing Together website suggests an adult burn the ends of one large box of matches for each cross that will be created. Next, as recommended by dltk-bible.com, use a piece of stiff paper or cardboard and draw a cross by making two plain straight lines. Begin creating the cross at the corners where the lines intersect. Cover a one or two-inch section of the cardboard with school glue. Glue a match on the paper by placing the unburned end in the apex of the angle where the lines of the cross intersect. Glue two matches on each side of the center match, and align the unburned ends of each match with the straight line that runs perpendicular to the center line. The five matches should form a chevron shape. Repeat this for each angle of the cross drawing. The first part of this wooden cross art project will contain four chevron shapes in the middle. Glue five matches at the end of each chevron to extend the cross shape. Add one extra row of five matches at the bottom of the cross, and then wait for the glue to dry. Use a craft knife or sharp scissors to cut around the cross. The cardboard back will provide stability for the match stick cross. Paint the cross stained or leave it natural.