Why Won't the Dewalt Battery Charger Charge the Battery

Cordless power tools offer versatility for workers so that they can easily move about a job site. In particular, Dewalt tools come with a battery and charger unit that need proper care to function correctly.


When a Dewalt battery is being charged, a chemical process occurrs between the electricity being provided by the charger and the substance storing the charge within the battery. Batteries may not be able to hold the charge if charged under extreme temperatures, such as below 40 degrees Fahrenheit or above 105 degrees Fahrenheit.


If the battery charger is not charging the battery, verify that the charger is producing voltage. Use a voltmeter and probe to check for voltage at the connection point between the charger and the battery. The charger can also be verified by swapping batteries and testing to see if that new battery will take a charge.



Dewalt recommends that their batteries should not be completely discharged as this can result in the battery failing to take a charge. The battery should be charged after each use, before complete discharge, to ensure a long battery life.