Wolf Nose Crafts

Tom Brakefield/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Wolves, and especially werewolves, are a popular aspect of pop-culture and an ever-popular Halloween costume choice. When you want to dress up as a wolf for your next costume party, don't spend money on expensive, store-bought wolf masks. Make your own wolf-nose crafts at home with a variety of supplies you already own.

Egg Carton

Recycle your empty egg carton into a costume piece. Cut around one of the individual egg holders. This will serve as the basic nose shape. Poke holes into the side and tie an elastic band around the back to secure the nose onto your face. Paint the nose a dark brown or gray color, let dry and wear.

Paper Mache

To make a wolf nose that fits perfectly over your own, try paper mache. Thoroughly mix one part water with one part flour. Dip brown or gray tissue paper into the paste and place on your nose. Be sure to put straws into your nostrils beforehand, so that you can continue to breathe while you coat your nose with paper mache. It is also helpful to coat your nose with petroleum jelly before applying the paper mache so the nose model won't stick to your face. Let harden and attach a string or elastic band through poked holes on either side to help secure the nose to your face.


Choose brown or gray felt and cut out a triangular shape that fully covers your nose. Use felt markers to add fur detailing or to draw on nostrils for a more realistic effect. Attach to the face with an elastic band tied to small holes poked in either side.

Faux Fur

For an extremely realistic wolf snout, use faux fur, available at craft stores. Create a faux-fur nose by cutting out enough fur to completely cover your nose area, or glue the faux fur to any of the other wolf-nose projects, such as the egg carton.