Why Soy Candles Are Better

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As of 2010, soy candles have become increasingly popular due to the many advantages they have over paraffin and beeswax alternatives. This unique wax is made from hydrogenated soybean oil.


Soy candles are more cost-effective because they are much cheaper to produce than beeswax candles. Soy also burns much slower than paraffin alternatives and can last up to twice as long.

Better Burning

Soy candles burn more cleanly than paraffin candles. They produce no soot and the amount of smoke created is also minimal, meaning that shelves and walls where candle are burned don't become contaminated with unsightly marks or blemishes.



Because soy produces a cleaner burn, any scents added to an individual carriage has a tendency to "throw" much better. Dispersion is also helped by the low melting points associated with soy.



Soy has numerous environmental advantages. It is derived from a renewable source and helps to promote farming and processing throughout the United States. There is no petroleum content in soy and candles do not destabilise carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere.



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