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Where to Sell Avon Collectibles

Selling Avon collectibles must be done with care. You need to price each item and choose the best way to sell the items in a way that will give you the best results. There are a few ways to sell Avon collectibles that allow you to control the price that you get for each item in your collection.

Auction Sites

Selling Avon items on auction sites will bring in your asking price if you place a reserve on the item. The reserve means that you will not take any less than what you expect for the item. In many cases, an auction could create a bidding war and the item could sell for more than the asking price. You will need to pay a fee for using auction sites. That can be figured into the reserve price.


Many dealers look for Avon collectibles for their collections or they buy them to sell. Some dealers will buy one piece or huge collections. If you want the money quickly, a dealer can make an offer to buy the item right away. The only problem with selling to a dealer is that the dealer does not always offer you what the item is worth. If the dealer buys to sell, he needs to make a profit.


Classified ads online and offline is another way to get the price you want. You can add pictures of the item and negotiate or stand firm on the price. You can find many sites online that are specific to Avon sellers and buyers. Before you sell any item through a classified ad, have the item appraised so you can show the appraisal to the buyer.

Flea Markets

Every city and community at one time or another has a huge flea market where vendors sell their goods. Usually at these events, you can rent a space and set up tables to display your Avon collection. There is a small fee for renting the space at flea markets, which you can recoup if you sell enough items.


Before selling any Avon collectible, find out what the item is worth. You don't want to under-price something that could be worth hundreds more than what you sold it for. Use Bob Hastin's Avon Collectors Encyclopedia as a starting point for pricing your pieces.

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