What Type of Frame Do I Need for a Canvas Painting?

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A canvas painting can be mounted in ready-made, custom and floater picture frames. The main purpose of the frame, other than protection and support for the painting, is to enhance the artwork as much as possible. The choice of frame is subjective and should take the following considerations into account: Are you considering selling the painting? Is the painting to hang in your home, and what style benefits not only the painting but also the interior of your home? Does the painting require protection or would a floater frame suffice? What price you are willing to pay for the frame?

Types of Frames

Review the types of frames. A float frame is an uncovered frame which gives the illusion that the picture is floating in the frame. A ready-made frame is, as the name implies a standard kit that usually includes the frame, glass and all needed attachments. Custom frames are best purchased one on one at the framing shop. While qualified individuals sell frames in all kinds of shops, the custom frame maker is often the most experienced and expensive.

Where to Buy Frames

Frames can be purchased in art supply and framing stores, such as Aaron Brothers, Michaels, local small chains, or individual stores near you or on the internet. While department stores, drugstores and office-supply stores may sell picture frames, the frame selection in these retail establishments is often not extensive, and, in the case of odd-sized canvases, may not be available. Also, little or no consultation on frame selection is offered.

How to Hang a Canvas

Place the inverted frame on a clean surface that is as large as the picture. Slide or place the painting in through the opening from the back of the frame. Enclose one clip on each side of the frame. Tighten the clips. Attach a strap hanger on each side of the frame, about a third of the way down. Slide the hanging wire into one of the strap hangers and wrap it around the strap hanger four to six times. Slip the free end of the wire through the other hanger leaving about four inches extra before snipping off the excess wire; make sure the wire is semi-taut before wrapping and snipping. Wrap the wire on that side.

Types of Canvas Paintings to be Framed

Canvas paintings with stretchers and side-stapled canvas paintings are framed just like any other picture. Gallery-wrap canvas is usually left unframed but can be framed as the other types.