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What to Wear to a Rascal Flatts Concert

Rascal Flatts - Be Ready

You've got the tickets, you've got your transportation, and you're ready to have a great time listening to Rascal Flats play their hearts out. You just can't wait. Only one thing remains. What to wear. With a little common sense, it's an easy fix.

Comfort First

Be comfortable. Assure that your shirt allows you to fully extend your arms and your pants allow you to fully bend without falling down or riding up. Your outfit should not restrict your breathing in anyway, as you will want to sing along with Gary Levox. Rascal Flatts' concerts call for a lot of shouting, dancing and clapping. This will heat up the crowd. However, don't wear a tee shirt and shorts to a night show at the local outdoor stadium in the fall. In turn, don't wear a sweatshirt to a day time show at a summer festival.

Dress to the Occasion

Rascal Flatts dresses casually on stage, so leave your rhinestone cowboy suit with matching studded boots at home. Instead, mimic the bands style of open shirts and loose fitting bottoms. For males, try a clean, unprinted tee-shirt tucked into a nice pair of jeans, or a unfitted button-down over a white tee with a pair of khakis. For ladies, a pair of favorite jeans and a button-down blouse of cotton or other breathable materials will make a suitable outfit. Or, opt for an unprinted cotton tee tucked into comfortable slacks or shorts if the weather permits.

Some cowboy types will want to wear their hats. A wide-brimmed hat can become a problem at a crowded Rascal Flatts' show. Instead, opt for a baseball-styled cap without a logo. Team logos can cause arguments between patrons and take the focus off the show.

Many hardcore Rascal Flatts fans own a variety of band shirts and accessories. There is no better time to show these off than at a concert. Put them on, and show the crowd how much you love this band.

If you love your boots, wear them, but make sure you are prepared to walk and stand in them for hours. You might want to choose running or walking shoes instead.

What to Avoid

Carrying bags or backpacks is in the no-no category. Rascal Flatts fans tend to become rowdy, and loose items are easily lost in the crowd. No matter how well it matches your shoes, leave it at home.

Ladies should avoid wearing excessively short skirts or shorts with high heels. Too much movement is involved in a regular concert for this type of attire. Males need to avoid sayings or quotes on shirts and jackets. Racal Flatts appeals to a wide variety of people from different cultures. Show respect for Rascal Flatts by showing respect for its fans.

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