What Is Twill Tape?

Twill tape is a long strip of fabric used for many sewing projects and other crafts that require a certain amount of stability or a finished, decorative touch. The versatility of twill tape makes it ideal for many crafts, especially for the creation of durable products.


It is unclear who invented twill or who invented twill tape. The use of twill, however, dates to as far back as 1200 B.C., during the Bronze Age, in Central Asia.

Twill tape was used in the 1700s and even earlier, most commonly to reinforce the edges of small pouches and pillowcases.


Twill tape is woven fabric that is usually made of cotton. Like most twill fabrics, twill tape is woven in a diagonal fashion. It is available in many widths and colors and can range from dark brown to light blue, although this tape most commonly is white or black cotton and up to 2 inches wide.

Besides twill tape's availability in different colors, many twill tape companies offer custom printing for twill in order to add more flair to the tape's fabric.

Twill Weave

In the twill weave, one or two vertical (warp) yarns or threads are weaved into two or more horizontal (weft) yarns or threads to create a distinct horizontal pattern. This weave, because of its use of multiple warps and wefts tightly woven together, creates a strong and sturdy fabric. The weave also makes twill heavier than normal fabric and makes the fabric resistant to wrinkles.

Seams and Hems

Twill tape can be used for hemming certain sewing projects to provide a finished appearance. It's also used in other household sewing projects, such as for pillowcases, seat cushions and blanket covers.


The many sizes and colors of twill tape make it an ideal fabric for decoration. Many companies provide ways to create printed patterns on the tape's fabric for the easy application of patterns onto a sewing project. These patterns can vary from words to colorful designs and are often customizable to provide a finishing touch for a project.

Binding and Tying

Twill tape's diagonally woven pattern makes it an ideal strip of fabric for jobs that require strength and flexibility. Twill tape also can be used to tie items together, such as the back of a hospital gown or a seat cushion and the edge of a chair.

Other Uses

Twill tape has medical uses as well as other practical uses. It is used as the tie for tracheostomy tubes. It also can be wrapped around the handlebar of a bicycle or any other object to provide better grip.