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What Is Craft Paper?

Three-dimensional objects can be constructed using craft paper.
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Craft paper is a durable, machine-made paper derived mostly from wood pulp. Because of its thickness and strength, this paper has many uses. It is relatively coarse, has a high tear resistance and contains highly oriented fibers.


Craft paper is produced on paper machines using the raw material from softwood pulp. After the wood material has been combined, it is stretched into large sheets of filament. To make the paper stronger, the wood is sometimes conditioned with sulfate. Depending on whether it has been bleached or kept unbleached, this paper is typically brown or white. It is usually inexpensive and can be recycled.


From the brown paper bags you’re offered at the supermarket to the paper you use to construct a homemade Halloween costume, craft paper has multiple purposes. It is commonly found in grocery stores, and the bleached form of the paper is used to cover meat in butcher shops. It is also used to protect material against scratches. Craft paper can be used as an insulator for electronics and usually lines the cover of hardback books. It is a handy paper to keep around the house, for art projects or homemade crafts.

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